Established in 2005

We love to travel … and hosting is our passion! 

Vacation Rentals have been around forever and we have always preferred to spend our vacation in a cozy vacation home rather than a small hotel room because a home, wether your own or your home away from home have a certain sense of intimacy and character that are not available at large hotels. 

Based on our great experience with private vacation rentals we decided to open the doors of our home, VILLA MARGUERITAVILLE on the Waterway, in Fort Lauderdale to visitors that share our likes and views.
Though we reside at and rent VILLA MARGUERITAVILLE on the Waterway in Lauderdale, privacy is important to us.
Please understand that the rooms at VILLA MARGUERITAVILLE on the Waterway are only available at certain times of the year to ensure your and our privacy. 
It is our goal to make you feel at home and help you have a enjoyable stay at our property. 

Casa Blanca in Cape Coral and the Coco Cottage in Palm Beach are available year around.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 
We are looking forward to hosting you. Take care! 

Suzy & Pat

we offer vacation rentals - what does that mean?

Enjoy Some You-Time

We are happy to provide you with:

We are happy to provide you with a charming, fully furnished home including kitchen, washer/ dryer, linens, towels, pots & pans, dishes and silver ware.

We meet and great you at your check-in and explain the ins & outs of the home to you so you can comfortably operate your vacation home.

We do provide you with a starter kit of of toilet paper, soap in the bathroom, a small starter kit for the kitchen to get by until you get settled.

We are happy to provide you with tips and tricks on how to go shopping, however we do not provide a shopping service and we do not keep food of any kind in between guests. 

Our house manager will be there for you for emergencies.

Vacation Rental by Owner, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Lake Worth Beach, Cape Coral, Ferienhaus Florida
Vacation Rental Fort Lauderdale.

please note:

We do NOT provide:

We are NOT a hotel and cannot or do not supply toiletries, food, drinks etc. during your stay. Personal items needed after the starter kit has been used up will have to be provided by the guests themselves. 

Please note: We do NOT offer any food or drinks of any kind for safety, licensing and insurance reasons.

We do not provide a daily maid service, however cleanings can be arranged at an additional charge.The pool is cleaned and serviced once a week. Additional pool cleanings are available upon request at additional cost.

tips & tricks
for a happy stay:

Something is broken or you just simply don’t like it … please talk to us!

Please, if you find something not right, broken, not working or simply not to your liking, inform us immediately by texting the house manager. We will respond during normal business hours, 24/7 for emergencies and if we can all the time to help you resolve any issue as soon as possible. 

We like to keep our homes on a 5 star level and the only way we can do this is if we are aware of a problem should it occur so we can correct it right away. Things break in every day life, this is not different in a vacation home. 

Should there be an issue of any kind, please talk to us. 

We’d love to fix it for you to make your stay at our home becomes an even better experience. 

Vacation Rental by Owner, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Lake Worth Beach, Cape Coral, Ferienhaus Florida
Vacation Rental by Owner, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Lake Worth Beach, Cape Coral, Ferienhaus Florida

Meet The Team​


We are proud of our work & service, excellent online reviews and countless happy guests. Check out our reviews online and we are sure this information will help you in your decision to take advantage of FLACASA’s services. 

We especially care for our Alumni Club Members and always have a surprise for them upon arrival.

We are looking forward to hosting you (again). Your FLACASA Team


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